The Inspiration.....

It felt like an adventure, moving “Down South” a dream come true.

Building a shack on your newly acquired property in the most pristine natural environment with world class timbers, surf and National park.

James’ success with Boranup Gallery and its association with fine furniture for 35 years was brought about by his love of our beautiful West Australian speciality timbers .It’s where his journey began and this appreciation is clearly shown in the image showing the meticulous care he gave to his timber. Immaculately cared for and stripped out in individual tree lots, this image shows huge old growth slabs being carefully air dried for years prior to finishing off in the dehumidifier kiln. 

Sadly James is concluding his career as a highly reputed Fine Furniture manufacturer and all remaining old growth timbers, machinery and rare burl slices must now go to the next maker.

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The Timber Story

As Boranup Furniture evolved so did its insatiable appetite for highly figured older growth timber.

In 2004 through the efforts of the participants in the Furniture industry, the government was lobbied to provide opportunity for timber value adders to be awarded actual log license to allow theme access to the best logs coming out of our forests. In the Past all logs, good or bad, were sadly being underutilized by the larger companies producing railway sleepers, woodchip, housing timbers and paper pulp to name a few, a gross waste and misuse of our dwindling old growth logs that were occasionally still found.

Forestry Products Commission awards Feature Grade Log License to Boranup Gallery 2004

Boranup furniture was awarded one of four hotly contested log licenses, winning over from the many other applicants by proving its value adding of more than $100,000 per cubic metre of timber through it’s handcrafted grandfather clocks and corporate desks.

This was a game changer “We went from scouring the salvage and demolition yards for our furniture timber to getting handed on a platter, be law, the largest and best trees coming out of our designated logging areas” said James.

The Burl Wood Phenomena

Most furniture makers and timber craftsman will tell you that it is their love of wood that has inspired them to gravitate to this industry.
James love of timber started at an early age being surrounded by furniture handcrafted, literally, by both his grandfathers and then later by the forests and local timber products of the south west where as a family they holidayed.